Club Kit

This is where you can browse our different club kit options for the 2017/18 academic year, sponsored by Wesleyan. Below each product, you’ll find a direct link to buy that particular product via the SU website.

Many items can be personalised (with your initials) so make sure you click the correct link if you wish to do so. Once you follow the link and have added the item to your basket, you will be able to choose the correct size and personalise the item if applicable (you will be prompted once you click ‘Proceed to checkout’ on the SU website).

If you have any questions or experience any issues when ordering kit, please email the Club Secretary Alex Hatfield (

For higher quality images of each item, please click here.

Baselayer Range

Baselayer Range

– Baselayer Shorts (£20)

– Baselayer Top (£25)

– Baselayer Leggings (£22)



– Bodywarmer (£42)

– Bodywarmer (with personalisation) (£44)

Fujin Drill Top

Fujin Drill Top

– Fujin Drill Top (£40)

– Fujin Drill Top (with personalisation) (£42)

Kit Bag

Fujin Kit Bag

– Kit bag (£34.50)

– Kit bag (with personalisation) (£36.50)

Fujin Midlayer

Fujin Mid Layer

– Midlayer (£36)

– Midlayer (with personalisation) (£38)

Skinny Trackpants

Fujin Skinny Trackpants

– Skinny Trackpants (£30)

– Skinny Trackpants (with personalisation) (£32)

Tracksuit Bottoms

Fujin Tracksuit Bottoms

 – Tracksuit Bottoms (£30)

 – Tracksuit Bottoms (with personalisation) (£32)

Full Zip Jacket

Full Zip Jacket

– Full Zip Jacket (£42)

– Full Zip Jacket (with personalisation) (£44)



– Men’s Cotton Hoodie (£27)

– Women’s Cotton Hoodie (£27)

– Men’s Cotton Hoodie (with personalisation) (£29)

– Women’s Cotton Hoodie (with personalisation) (£29)

Kirin Polo

Kirin Polo

– Kirin Polo (£27)

– Kirin Polo (with personalisation) (£29)

Kirin Shorts

Kirin Shorts

– Kirin Shorts (£22)

– Kirin Shorts (with personalisation) (£24)

Kirin Tech Tee

Kirin Tech Tee

– Kirin Tech Tee (£23)

– Kirin Tech Tee (with personalisation) (£25)

Powerstretch Leggings

Powerstretch Leggings

– Powerstretch Leggings (£25)

– Powerstretch Leggings (with personalisation) (£27)

Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket

– Puffer Jacket (£65)

– Puffer Jacket (with personalisation) (£67)

Sublimated (top) and Stock Low Rise Shorts (bottom)

Sublimated Low Rise Shorts

– Sublimated Low Rise Shorts (£21)

– Sublimated Low Rise Shorts (with personalisation) (£23)

– Stock Low Rise Shorts (£10)

– Stock Low Rise Shorts (with personalisation) (£12)

Sublimated Leggings

Sublimated Leggings

– Sublimated Leggings (£26)

– Sublimated Leggings (with personalisation) (£28)


Sublimated Vest

– Vest (£26.40)

Men’s XC Shorts

Sublimated XC Shorts

– Men’s XC Shorts (£26.40)



– Sweatshirt (£24)

– Sweatshirt (with personalisation) (£26)

If you buy a sweatshirt please email or message Alex with the colour you would like.



– Women’s Cotton Zoodie (£32)

– Men’s Cotton Zoodie (£32)

– Women’s Cotton Zoodie (with personalisation) (£34)

– Men’s Cotton Zoodie (with personalisation) (£34)