To the uninitiated, you may be wondering what goes on during socials and what Circling and Pub Jog consist of! Never fear…our current members are ‘experts’ in the field of social shenanigans.

Although we take our training very seriously indeed, our socials are second to none. This year we had the biggest initiation ceremony on campus and we host a huge variety of social events throughout the year: from black tie dinners to silly Sports Days to dancing the night away. Being part of a sports club is an integral part of Warwick’s social life. Don’t miss out!


  • POP! – Sports Clubs take over Warwick SU every Wednesday night in fancy dress for a night of cheesy music and fun.
  • Pub Jog- Every term since 1988 WUAXC has embarked upon an adventure. An adventure involving 5 miles and 10 pubs. Challenge accepted!
  • Skool Dayz- ‘Act your shoe size, not your age.’ The entire SU dresses up in their school uniform and parties to the sound of the ’90s.
  • Tour! “The best weekend I have ever had at Warwick, hands down.” Domestic and foreign tours in mystery locations involve training, exploring and ALOT of fun.
  • Awards Dinners- Prepare to get suited and booted for our regular formal meals out together.
  • Sports Ball- The highlight of Warwick’s sporting calendar.
  • Summer Sports Day- It’s not all serious at WUAXC. Revert back to your primary school self and boss the egg and spoon race!
  • Girls/ Boys only socials- Because girls just want to have fun!
  • Fresher’s social- The friends you make as freshers at WUAXC will most likely be among your closest friends at Uni.

Just to name a few……

Circling? Pub Jog? POP?!..

Purple and banter are prevalent at most of our circling socials which usually happen every other Wednesday during term! Whether you drink or not, Circling takes place amongst other sports clubs and consists a couple of hours of mayhem and mischief. We have different costume themes each circle and have had some truly inspirational fancy dress efforts in the past (a cereal box, a lampshade and a crocodile but to name a few..). POP! then follows on where we take our natural athleticism and combine it with our masterful dancing ability. Initiations take place at the beginning of term for freshers and existing members alike to bring in the new athletics year.

Pub Jog

It’s finally here!! Get ready for quite simply the most memorable social of the year. Pub Jog is the Athletics & XC Flagship social, attracting hundreds of members, friends and alumni from around the country. Get your ticket now by purchasing a surprise custom designed T-shirt in your size.

Be prepared for races, challenges, food stops and banter as we make are way through Earlsdon on the historic 10-Pub route. The 25 year old event is so famous it has its own website, so check out the link to swat up on what’s in store!

If you haven’t been on a Pub Jog with us before, ask ANYONE that’s EVER been what it’s about, and they will describe to you with great exuberance the magnitude of the occasion – and as always for Pub Jog we’d love to see your house or course mates come along and enjoy the epic journey with us.

Pub Jog: For some, the only reason to join Athletics, for many, the perfect way to end the term, for all, the pinnacle of sporting socials!

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