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For the 2017/18 academic year, we are proudly sponsored by HSBC’s RBWM & CMB Graduate Attraction Team. You can expect to see several events jointly organised by HSBC and WUAXC throughout the year to help our members with applications and interview skills.

Available Programmes:                                                               Next Event:

Internships (Deadline 10th December)                                     9th October (6-8pm), Careers in Finance, WBS 0.004

  • Retail banking & wealth management
  • Commercial banking

Graduate Schemes (Deadline 19th November)

  • Retail banking & wealth management
  • Commercial banking

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Upcoming Events:

Date & Time Event Location Sign Up Link
9th October, 6-8pm Careers in Finance WBS 0.004 Click here
12th October, 11am-4pm Autumn Careers Fair Rootes Building (Panorama) Not required
24th October, 6-7.30pm Through the eyes of current graduates—HSBC Uncovered WBS 1.006 Click here
1st November, 5-7pm Summer Internships WBS 0.006 Click here
15th November, 6-8pm Break into Banking – Meet the Graduates (with pizza) H0.51 Click here

 Here are the thoughts of two Warwick alumni on life HSBC:

“Like most of the HSBC graduates I’ve met, I had no clue what I wanted to do once I graduated. Over a year later, I still don’t! But after completing a Summer Internship with HSBC in the summer of my penultimate year, I knew that HSBC was somewhere I was going to enjoy working. The personal/social side of the company is not what I expected from a traditional bank. One of the best parts about the scheme is getting the chance to work in 4 different roles. My first two placements gave me the opportunity to work in Manchester and Birmingham, and now currently I’m down in London. If working abroad is something you’re keen to do at some point in your career, you won’t find many better companies to give you that opportunity than HSBC, so get applying!”

           Akshay Shah (Maths & Business at Warwick, 2013-2016)

“I studied Sociology with a Year Abroad – a subject that doesn’t traditionally lead to banking. Before my final year at Warwick, I hadn’t spent much time thinking about my future career – I was too busy in Smack or POP! However, I knew I wanted to work for a global brand, move around the country and work various departments; so the HSBC RBWM Scheme has been perfect. I’m originally from West Sussex and I’ve been in St Albans for my first placement (of which we have 4) – I’m looking forward to finding out where I’ll be next! My advice would be to get involved in the things that you’re passionate about, don’t be afraid to break the mould and do what is right for you.”

           Catherine Fox (Sociology at Warwick, 2013-2017)

For further queries please contact the Club Treasurer Kate Lennon at or email