Sponsorship Packages

We have a number of fantastic sponsorship opportunities available with the Warwick University Athletics & Cross Country Club. We can help boost promotion and immersion in the vibrant atmosphere of Warwick, as well has helping to secure the very best graduate applicants.

The diversity, size and strong positive atmosphere of our club can give any company a bold platform for promotion, unrivalled by other clubs at Warwick. Having been awarded ‘Club of the Year’ by the University in 2014 and ‘Exec of the Year‘ in 2015, we at Warwick University Athletics & Cross Country Club would love to invite you to read our sponsorship package and explore what we can offer.

Our Sponsorship Proposal

In this year alone, our club has achieved a number of key milestones and broken many attendance and competition records. With membership at all-time high and more than 400 students at our socials, the club is  growing rapidly. Our sporting achievements have not gone unnoticed either, with Warwick Sport recently naming us the “Fittest Club on Campus”. Recently winning the #LoveWarwickUni competition goes some way to proving the enormous presence we have at our University.

As a core value, we believe in helping all our members overcome the financial barriers that inhibit participation in sport. To this end, the majority of any funding would reduce entry fees, affiliation and transport costs for our members, who currently have to make contributions. Sponsorship would also enable us to continue growing our presence on campus with greater marketing and the potential to add subsidies for members purchasing our branded kit. This increased exposure will build on our success as ‘Club of the Year’ and help represent your brand across the whole of campus. We are extremely excited about securing funding for coaches to improve specific track and field skills in our athletes and this is something we are already exploring. The remaining funding can provide coaching courses for our captains, enabling them to deliver better training and target specific personal development for our members.

If you would like any additional information or a phone call to discuss any opportunity (no matter how big or small), please complete the form below.

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