Training Timetable

Whether you’re a cross country runner, sprinter, distance fiend or women’s jogger, we have various sessions throughout the term. There are no expectations of club members, some people come to all sessions, some to one or two, and a few are simply social members. All sessions are suitable for any ability and groups will be formed to suit everyone. The club wants everyone from casual runners to elite athletes. You’ve just got to want to have a good time! This training timetable is updated weekly according any changes that occur in venue or exec availability. Please keep an eye on the weekly e-mail and Facebook for the latest updates. :)


2015-16 Training Timetable

MONDAY- Short/Long Sprints, Middle Distance and Field @ 5pm, Westwood Track

– Women’s Jogging @ 5pm, Sports Centre Reception

-XC Intervals @ 5.30pm, Sports Centre Reception

TUESDAY- Fartlek @ 4pm, Sports Centre Reception

-Circuits @ 5.00-6.00pm, Activity Room (Sports Centre)

WEDNESDAY- Short/Long Sprints, Middle Distance, XC, Field @ 1pm, Westwood Track

– Women’s Jogging Intervals @ 1pm, Track

THURSDAY- Circuits @ 4.30-5.30pm, Activity Room (Sports Centre)

– Steady Run @ 5.30, Sports Centre Reception

FRIDAY- Women’s Jogging @ 3pm, Cryfield Pavillion

–  Sprints, Middle Distance, Field @ 5pm, Westwood Track

SATURDAY- Park Run @ 9am, Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa/ Race Day

– Hill Training @ 10am, (Locations vary, please see Facebook/ emails)

SUNDAY- Long Run @ 10am,  (Locations vary, please see Facebook/ emails)

As with all of our training sessions you decide what you get out of it by the effort that you put in. Below is a basic guide to each session to make sure that you go to the right ones for you. As we cater for all abilities, take the intensity level as a very rough guide. Try them all and see what works for you! 

Track sessions

Our Athletics Captains offer  sprint sessions at least twice a week on the University track. Our sprint sessions are split into three different groups. You don’t have to stick to one session, feel free to try all of them.

Short sprints- Level: High intensity. Training that involves 40-150m repetitions. Training is designed for 100m, 200m and 400m events.

Long sprints- Level: High intensity. Training that involves 150-500/600m repetitions. Training is designed for longer sprint events.

Middle distance- Level: Medium intensity. Training that involves repetitions of 200/300/400/500/600m designed for 800m and 1500m events.

Cross Country (XC) sessions 

XC Intervals- Cross-country run broken down into intervals. Each interval is run at moderately high intensity with rest between each interval.

Track Intervals- Level: High intensity. A run on the track broken into intervals that is typically shorter than in XC intervals. Each interval is run at high intensity with rest in between.

(See our road sessions aswell, theses are run by our Cross Country Captains and are designed for XC training).

Fitness Sessions (Run by Athletics Captains)

Fartlek-This is a new session for 2015-16. A system of training for distance runners in which the terrain and pace are continually varied. This will take place on a Tuesday at 4pm.

Circuits-  Level: Moderate. Circuit training is available for all abilities and focuses on leg, arm and core strength. It is a more relaxed session where you can choose your own level of difficulty by the effort you choose to put in. Everyone in the club is welcome- from top sprinters to joggers who want to increase their speed and fitness. 

Road Sessions (Run by XC Captains but everyone is welcome)

Tempo Run- Level: “Comfortably hard”. A roughly 20 min run at a “comfortably hard” pace. This takes place directly after Thursday circuits.

Long Run- Level: Moderate.  A slow and easy run

Steady Run:- Level: Moderate. 4 – 6 miles at an easy pace. This take place after Thursday circuits

Jogging Sessions

Jogging Intervals-  Level: Moderate. Don’t be scared by the track! This is a nice opportunity to train with the rest of the club with relatively high intensity interval runs with breaks in between. Designed to help stamina and fitness.

Road/XC Jogs- Level: Low Intensity. Taking place across campus and part of the regular jogging timetable. Just turn up and run!








For more information about the sessions and training in general, contact the Captains via the exec e-mail address or on Facebook.



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