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Here at WUAXC, we understand that running competitively is not for everyone. Some run to socialise, to relax or even just  to avoid piling on the inevitable pounds that come with Uni life!

Ladies Jogging is a more relaxed way to run with the club and offers an opportunity to improve your general fitness and meet some really great people in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Ladies Jogging is an integral part of WUAXC and some people find it is a less intimidating way to enter the club. There is no pressure at all. You can turn up to as many (or as few) sessions as you like.  We are a mixed ability group and the pace is set at that of the slowest runner. We meet up for varied runs three times a week as a group, but most of us also go to the club circuit sessions as well. A few of the braver girls even join in on some of the runs with the main group!

 You’ll be amazed how quickly you will improve. Many members who began as a  jogger in their first year at Warwick have been regularly competing in Cross  Country League Races and even Half Marathons by the time they graduate!

 In addition to those run by the club Social Secs, we also have our own exclusive  socials. In the past, these have included – but are not limited to – baking, dinners  out, cocktail nights, pizza and film evenings, coffee and cake socials, and nights out  (see the facebook group for pics). You’d be amazed that we actually have time to do  any running.

Even if you have barely run in your life before, do not fear! We start each term going very slowly and not very far to ease ourselves in. You’ll be amazed by the progress we make by Week 8!

  We have a great time, are all really good friends and essentially just want to keep fit  and/or improve on our running and general fitness. So come along to one of our sessions or socials – it’s really not scary, promise!!

Lauren Hawkins is our Jogging Captain for 2016/17.


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